After clearing – look for student accommodation in Sheffield

Whatever the reason passing through clearing can be a stressful and intimidating time. No matter how you ended up at this point. After clearing look for student accommodation in Sheffield.

So the results have come in or maybe you changed the route you want to go in future studies? Whatever the reason, passing through clearing can be a stressful and intimidating time. It may be that you’ve not had time to properly look around and research the university you’ve chosen. No matter how you ended up at this point, you may have chosen one of the 2 excellent universities Sheffield has to offer. It’s time now, after clearing look for student accommodation in Sheffield.

Arranging accommodation.

Unfortunately applying for university through the clearing system often means that everything you need to sort can reduce the time you have to prepare. Looking for some accommodation for the upcoming academic year can become more difficult as places are taken by those who choose a Sheffield university as one of their top choices and received the grades needed to be accepted on a course here.

This creates a situation where you may not be guaranteed a place in university halls. You may have to start looking into the private sector for accommodation. With private sector accommodation, the range of property available may be limited as current first-year students are looking to move out of halls and off campuses into shared housing and flats. It doesn’t mean there isn’t property available to you, just less choice.

Things to do after cleaning – look for student accommodation in Sheffield.

Secure your funding.

Firstly you should look to secure your funding, this will give you an idea of the budget you can afford to spend on accommodation. University accommodation is probably the biggest expense you will have whilst studying. Making a dedicated budget will help when looking at what and how you can afford somewhere to live in Sheffield.

Work out where most of your course may be taught.

Looking to see which parts of the university or campuses your course is being supplied at can help in finding the best areas of Sheffield to look at in terms of where to live. for example, if your course is mainly based at the Sheffield university school of management. looking for accommodation in the Crookesmoor or Broomhall area can reduce any commuting costs. If your course is mainly based at Hallam city campus, then a city-centre property may be more suitable.

Do some research on the different areas of Sheffield

Find out about the area you’re looking to move to, it may be that although it’s close to where you’re studying it’s worthwhile looking at the facilities available nearby as well. Sheffield has excellent transport links around the city with buses and Supertram. You may however decide that living in a different area may have more benefits.

Come and visit the Steel City

Now that restrictions are lifting. Why not come and visit Sheffield? Chances are you may not have had much of a look around the city only the campuses. Why not come explore the area for yourself. Sheffield has plenty of shopping, hospitality, museums and more to see on your travels around. With our extensive transport links and central location in the country getting here and moving around couldn’t be easier.

Find more information on Sheffield

Most importantly – find your accommodation.

Nothing is really more important than finding the correct accommodation for you. After working out your budget, looking at the different areas of Sheffield and nearby facilities it’s time to dig down and start making enquiries. Student unions at both universities have great support networks to help with a wide range of issues including accommodation.

If you’re looking at the wider range of student accommodation on offer out of Sheffield. There are many options available. But of course, we hope you decide to enquire with us first! We have a wide range of short term studio apartments, 1-bed flats, and 2 bedroom flats and houses available for groups. (although opportunities to house share will be rarer at the start of the academic year.) In all cases, we can help you and discuss with you what your requirements are and help you find the perfect accommodation for your needs from our property portfolio.

Find Student Accommodation in Sheffield with us.

What to watch out for after clearing – looking for student accommodation in Sheffield.

Watch out for the middleman

You should be aware that many “student property shops” are lettings agents. This means that they are offering accommodation on behalf of other owners. With a letting agent, you deal with them as a middleman as opposed to direct with the landlord. This can cause delays and problems especially if issues arise in terms of maintenance of the property.

Look Around

When enquiring, arrange a viewing of the property. Although 360 views, videos, pictures, and floor plans of property listings will often give you a sense of what to expect. Arranging a viewing will let you get a feel of the property you are potentially looking to spend a minimum of a year in.

Ask questions

When viewing a property always ask questions about the place and area and anything else you think you will need. The more information you have, the more knowledge you will gain to make a better decision if it’s right for your needs!

Make sure to check what’s included 

It may be that when you look around you notice things that look like they come with the property, but may belong to an existing tenant or that the landlord or agent are planning on removing. When looking enquire about what’s included with the rental price. It may be worthwhile to ask about any bills included in the price, such as electric, gas and water. If not you will have to consider this into the cost of your budget for living costs.

About Thornsett Properties

Thornsett Properties have been helping students after clearing look for student accommodation in Sheffield since 1985. We supply accommodation to over 650 undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University every year. Designed to fit with your budget whilst looking for student accommodation. Thornsett Properties are property owners and not agents, meaning all our properties are managed by ourselves and not reliant on third parties. Our aim is to help you succeed when after clearing look for student accommodation in Sheffield.

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