Sheffield Universities and City Developments

As a modern 21st century City Sheffield is constantly evolving into a modern vibrant urban city whilst carefully retaining its traditional roots and green outdoor spaces. With both Universities, the City Council and many private investors pumping money into the local economy and buildings and infrastructure Here are some of the Sheffield Universities and city developments

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Handling complaints from neighbours

Whatever the reason, upsetting your neighbours is not the ideal situation. Complaints early on can be sorted out quickly. You can’t always choose who you live next to. Being thoughtful of others who live in the neighbourhood is a big step toward everyone getting along

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2 bed student houses sheffield

2 bedroom student house in Sheffield

Not everyone is happy with the idea of sharing with a large group of others and feels it can disrupt having any privacy as there is always someone about or things going on in the house. many students consider sharing a 2 bedroom house. But finding 2 bedroom student house in Sheffield of these is harder than you think.

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Student Food Budget

10 Tips to Stretch your Student Food Budget

The cost of living is going up dramatically and doesn’t appear to be going down anytime soon. One of the important biggest living expenses after rent and utilities is always going to be food. So how can you keep an eye on that food budget, ensure you have enough to eat and won’t be going hungry towards the end of the term? Here’s our list of 10 tips to help stretch your student food budget.

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