Cleaning tips for your Sheffield Student Accommodation

When it boils down to it no one really wants to do it except those with cleaning obsessions. To help you on your way to a happier lifestyle here are some cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation.

Ask anyone which chore of living in student accommodation is the worst. The majority will answer having to clean up. Whether living in a shared house, with a flatmate or on your own. Cleaning is a job no one seems to want to voluntarily do. Admittedly the end result feels like an accomplishment and most don’t want to actually live in a filthy environment. Living in a mess is not always good for your mental or physical health. But when it boils down to it no one really wants to do it except those with cleaning obsessions. To help you on your way to a happier lifestyle here are some cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation.

Essential tools for cleaning

Before you begin you need the right tools for the right jobs. We recommend stocking up on the following.

Chemicals (always follow the instructions)

  • Multi-Surface anti-bacterial spray
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Bathroom Spray
  • Bleach
  • Toilet cleaner


  • Microfibre cloth
  • Dishcloths or J-cloth


Probably the hardest essential tool, especially if you’ve let it go by the wayside, In an ideal world cleaning as you go can reduce the overall workload. In a shared house,  share responsibility, after all, it’s not just you who lives there, many hands make light work. Why not pop some music on in the background whilst cleaning?

Keep the cleaning equipment clean.

Cleaning with dirty equipment means you’re just spreading the dirt around. make sure your cleaning equipment such as mops and buckets are cleaned with bleach and the hoover is empty and free from obstructions. A blocked Hoover won’t pick anything up.

Clean the appliances

Washing machines set to 30 or 40 degrees will not necessarily kill all the bacteria off of clothes. The powder or tablets will wash them off the clothing but some bacteria can remain inside the washing machine. Cleaning it regularly on a hot wash whilst empty can keep your washing machine clean and hygienic.

Wash towels regularly and replace cleaning sponges and cloths

Towels such as kitchen and bath towels can harbour a large number of bacteria. Often overlooked, you can end up spreading bacteria around when drying clean things with them. Cloths and sponges can harbour bacteria and mildew when wet. Replace them regularly

Cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation Kitchen

Use hot water

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but cold water doesn’t kill off any bacteria.

Don’t Pour Used Grease Down the Sink

It’s runny and will be fine if washed down with hot water afterwards! Wrong, oil becomes sticky when hot it can cause expensive blockages and broken pipes. Tip into a container and wait to cool then put in the bin.

Clean the fridge

Take it all out and wash with hot soapy water, dry and put it back. Why? spoiled food can cause cross-contamination and make you ill with food poisoning. Clean the seals and your fridge /freezer will keep your food at the correct temperature, stopping it from going bad quickly.

Wash the pots as you go.

Dirty dishes can easily pile up, the trouble is the more time they spend left in the sink the more elbow grease you need to clean them as food dries on them. Doing them as you go or straight after meal times also reduces the number of bacteria that can grow on leftover food. Another great way to prevent food poisoning and reduce bad smells!


Microwaves just attract spills. Hot foods without lids just splutter all over the insides and stick as they cool. To clean put a bowl of cold water in the microwave and “cook” for 5 minutes on high power. The steam will sanitise and loosen any dried food. Making it easier to wipe with antibacterial spray. As for the plate just was regularly in the sink.

Cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation bathroom

Keep the shower/ bath clean and fresh

Stop Mould growth by keeping the window and/or extractor on when showering. This will help dry out your bathroom, keep the door open when finished to allow airflow through the room.

Using a shower cleaner that you spray and leave on the shower after use will cut down on limescale build-up in the cubicle. Regularly cleaning the shower head and also taps, these touch points need to be regularly cleaned.

If you share a bath with other flat/housemates be polite and rinse it out after use.

Wash hand and bath towels, pedestal and bath mats in the washing machine

Make sure you have a spare set to use whilst they dry. You can pop them in a washing machine with clothes.  Shower mats and curtains are best rinsed off by hand in the sink or bath.

Cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation living Area

Keep your floors clean

The longer you leave stains and dirt the harder it becomes to remove as it gets worn into the floors.

Vacuuming or sweeping once a week helps, And in terms of spillages as quickly as possible after it has happened.

Tidy Up

Before you start cleaning tidy up and put things away. Clearing out the floor and surface spaces exposes more area making cleaning easier.

Wash the Soft furnishings

Cushion covers, blankets and other soft furnishings can go in the washing machine.

Clean the windows

Cleaning the windows is a great way to let more natural light in and enhance your mood, especially when doing something that can be tedious like cleaning.

Wipe those surfaces

Cleaning spray sterilises but polish contains antistatic properties which help repel dust away from settling on surfaces.

Always mop last

If you have hard floors, they will need rugs moved out of the way, furniture moved and mopping. Always do this last to give it a chance to dry before walking over them.

Cleaning tips for your Sheffield student accommodation bedroom

Wash the bedding!

tempting as though it is to just crawl back in it. A good night’s sleep can be achieved by washing your bedding. You may not think it’s particularly dirty. Your sheets and pillows accumulate a lot of things you cannot see. Thousand of dead skin cells, dust mites and sweat make it not a particularly nice place. Try to wash it once a week and have a spare set to put on in the meantime.

Keeping It tidy

Having a tidy can help you relax, Leaving dirty cups, glasses or other pots will make it smell like leftover crumbs and liquids from the foodstuffs you consumed. Keeping it tidy means you will spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you really want to!

Bonus Tips

Try Alternatives to chemicals

Many household cleaning chemicals can be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives using things like white vinegar and baking sodas. They can even sometimes work out cheaper too.

Stain removal

Good housekeeping has some excellent advice on removing some of the more stubborn stains you may find living in student accommodation

Why should you clean your property?

Make sure to clean your property to protect against damage and secure the release of your deposit. When you clean your place, you actively prevent potential damage and show that you’re a responsible tenant.

By giving your property a thorough cleaning, you avoid the build-up of dirt, grime, and possible stains that could cause long-term harm. It’s also a chance to spot any existing issues or damages that need attention before your tenancy ends.

Plus, keeping your place clean increases the chances of getting your deposit back quickly. Landlords or property management companies often inspect the property and compare it to the initial inventory. If your place is well-maintained and tidy, it reduces the chances of disputes and makes the deposit release process smoother.

Remember, keeping things clean not only improves your living experience but also protects the property and improves the odds of getting your full deposit back.

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