What’s it really like being a Sheffield student?

What's student life in Sheffield really like? articles and prospectus have limits, so let's dive into YouTube channels created by current and former students as well as the institutions themselves and get a visual feel for the city and student life!

Considering Sheffield University? Congratulations, whether you’re dreaming of acceptance or already celebrating! But before you pack your bags, what’s student life in Sheffield really like? articles and prospectuses have limits, so let’s dive into YouTube channels created by current and former students as well as the institutions themselves and get a visual feel for the city and student life!

This blog delves into the world of Sheffield student life as told by YouTubers, giving you a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere of both Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University, alongside honest reviews from real students.

Sheffield University: A Campus Steeped in History

Sheffield University: A Campus Steeped in History


Immerse yourself in the historic halls of the University of Sheffield, renowned for its prestigious reputation and a picturesque campus nestled amidst the city. The official YouTube channel offers a treasure trove of content specifically crafted to give you a taste of student life.

Looking to explore the university grounds before you even arrive? The channel features dedicated playlists showcasing both the vibrant campus and the surrounding city. Wander virtually through the iconic Firth Court and the grand Western Bank Library, soaking up the atmosphere of the historic buildings.

But the exploration doesn’t stop there! Dive deeper with their “A Day in the Life” series, where you’ll shadow current students from various programs as they navigate their daily routines. See firsthand what it’s like to attend lectures, grab coffee with friends, and experience the energy of the campus.

Sheffield Hallam: Where Innovation Meets Creativity

Sheffield Hallam University pulsates with an innovative spirit and a dedication to fostering creative minds. To get a firsthand glimpse of this dynamic environment, delve into the university’s official YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/sheffieldhallamuni).


Here, you’ll discover a dedicated playlist titled “Welcome to Hallam”

https://www.youtube.com/user/sheffieldhallamuni. This playlist offers a virtual tour of the university’s impressive facilities, including the award-winning Heart of the Campus building. This architectural marvel serves as a hub for design and technology courses, showcasing the university’s commitment to cutting-edge learning.

But the exploration doesn’t end there. The channel also features videos documenting workshops, guest lectures by industry experts, and a peek into the vibrant student union. Get a feel for the diverse range of clubs and societies offered, allowing you to explore your passions and make lifelong connections with fellow students.

Aren’t reviews from the Universities a bit biased though?

Yes, they will not pick out any bad reviews so here’s a selection from independent YouTubers who have shared their experiences by vlogging.

University of Sheffield Q&A (basically everything you’ll need to know as a fresher)

Sheffield Diaries

BRUTALLY Honest Review of SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY – Is the University of Sheffield Good?

The University of Sheffield | Everything you need to know

It’s not all about learning, in a city buzzing with student life

But university life isn’t just about academics! Sheffield offers a thriving student scene documented by numerous YouTubers.

  • Foodie Adventures: Youtuber “Sheffield Eats” takes viewers on a delicious journey through Sheffield’s culinary scene, exploring hidden gems like the Kommune Kitchen, a student favourite known for its international street food, and Peddler Market, a haven for independent coffee shops and artisanal treats.

  • Nightlife Decoded: “Night Owl Sheffield” unveils the secrets of Sheffield’s nightlife. From trendy cocktail bars like The Florist to iconic pubs like The Corporation, this channel gives you a taste of the diverse options available, helping you plan your next night out with friends.

  • Exploring the City: Want to get beyond the student bubble? Youtuber “Sheffield Wanderer” takes viewers on adventures around the city, showcasing the beautiful Peak District National Park, just a short journey away, perfect for weekend hikes and outdoor escapes. The channel also explores Sheffield’s museums, art galleries, and independent shops, highlighting the city’s rich cultural scene.

Finding Your Perfect Place: A Video Tour of Student Accommodation

Sheffield offers a wide variety of student accommodation options, from traditional dorms to modern apartments. Choosing the right one can feel overwhelming, but fear not! Several resources can help you visualize your future student digs before you even arrive.

Many student accommodation providers offer virtual tours on their websites. However, YouTube channels like Thornsett Properties can be a fantastic resource as well. Thornsett Properties (youtube.com/@thornsettproperties9074) creates high-quality videos showcasing a variety of their student accommodation options. Take a virtual walk-through of different room types, from cozy studios to spacious shared apartments. Get a feel for the layout, amenities, and overall vibe of each property, helping you narrow down your search and find the perfect place to call home during your Sheffield student adventure.

The Final Verdict: A City That Embraces Students

By watching YouTube channels created by current Sheffield students, you get a first-hand perspective on what student life is really like. From exploring the university campuses to venturing out into the city, these channels paint a picture of a vibrant, friendly, and affordable student destination. Sheffield offers a balance of academic excellence, exciting nightlife, and stunning natural beauty – all within easy reach.

So, if you’re considering studying in Sheffield, grab your headphones, fire up YouTube, and start exploring! You might just find yourself falling in love with the Steel City before you even arrive.

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