Look after your Mental Health living in your Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Moving away from home to a strange place to study is a big life-changing step, you or others may need help to Look after your Mental Health whilst living in your Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Moving away from home to a strange place to study is a big life-changing step. It can be the start of your adult lives journey and set you up for success in the many years to come. For some, however, their university experience falls short of their expectations, and the pressure mounts. You should always be aware for yourself or others around you, the signs that you may need help to look after your mental health living in your student accommodation in Sheffield.

Moving home to study, making new friends and support groups, and connecting with the new strangers around you are pressures that can exasperate existing or trigger new mental health conditions.

For students who aren’t outgoing, making those important new connections to others can be even harder and lead to isolation. Homesickness and being removed from existing friends and family and other support networks can lead to you feeling more alone. But just remember that you are not alone and there are many others in your position and it may take a little time to find your place in your new university life.

Struggling is common among young adults.

Research conducted in 2020 by Randstad found that over a quarter of UK students experience mental well-being changing for the worse since starting higher education. 64% of students in the study claimed that their studies and university lifestyle negatively impact their state of wellbeing. 42% of students surveyed had accessed counselling support. The survey highlights the need to take advantage of Universities and dedicated charities support networks.

Even if you don’t feel you struggle with mental health issues, chances are you know someone who does. Even if they don’t always show it.

Ignoring mental health issues can lead to trouble.

Looking after your Mental Health whilst living in your Student Accommodation in Sheffield, is just as important as your physical health. But the most disturbing fact is that on average one UK university student dies by suicide every 4 days from issues related to mental health. As an increasing rate fuelled by the coronavirus situation leading to increased isolation. Looking for help for yourself or others you may feel are struggling should be a priority.

Mental health is still a taboo subject for some.

Although the recognition of mental health issues has become more recognised and accepted as something that shouldn’t be dismissed. Many people who suffer from their mental health conceal symptoms and hide away from situations due to the stigma attached. If you do feel your struggling, you may feel that you can’t share your problems with others. Many students feel this is private and don’t wish to open up to others about it. This can lead to a downward spiral that can only lead to further difficulty in the future. Taking the steps towards being open and honest about any mental health issues you think you or others may have, is the first, greatest and most difficult step to take towards seeking help and recovery.

Communication is key

Being considerate and willing to listen towards others is just a basic step we can all take that may help those hiding mental health to take those first steps to open up and seek support.

Discussion and being open and honest about mental health is the key, with so many people experiencing triggers and suffering from some form of mental health issue. Talking is the key, whether it’s through others you know or support networks. It’s all too tempting to believe that everyone around you is perfectly content and normal. This may lead you to believe that your personal mental health issues are unusual and that you are in the minority. This often leads to you concealing your mental health problem because you believe no one will understand. Sharing them can help you see that you are not alone and many others are struggling the same.

When to look for help

It’s perfectly normal to become anxious or stressed, but when it starts affecting you or others day to day life, it may be time to start to look for support. Signs that could manifest if your mental health is starting to suffer can include.

  • Depression or feeling low all the time.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Problems
  • Developing OCD
  • Feeling Lonely and Isolation
  • Seeming Distant
  • Becoming overly agitated by things.
  • Losing interest and motivation
  • Sleeping problems
  • Thoughts of self-harm.

It’s important to talk if you see these signs appearing in anyone including yourself. It’s the first step to take towards seeking help.

Where to look for help

Help has become more available over the past few years as we have all become more aware of the number of us who struggle with our mental health and wellbeing. Counselling can help with advice and support on how to manage any struggles you may be feeling with anxiety or depression. It can offer a safe place with professional advice to work through the things that you are struggling with.

Great places for help include:

Sheffield University via  Sheffield Students Information Desk

Sheffield Hallam University – Student Wellbeing

Student Minds

University Mental Health Advisors Network

Students Against Depression


Local NHS Services

As it has become more acceptable to talk about mental health as an everyday issue. These are just a few of the organisations whose goal is to help with mental health issues. If you feel you or others you know need assistance please get in touch with one of them. Only working together can help with improving the mental health situations experienced by UK students.

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