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Flats to rent in Woodseats, Sheffield

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest development of 14 flats to rent in Woodseats, Sheffield. This block of modern, newly refurbished apartments is spread over the ground and first floor of Woodseats House. Offering 14 high-quality flats for professionals, this diverse selection includes both 1 and 2-bedroom flats that are available for rent.

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Sheffield Universities Strikes for Students

University staff like many other government-associated employees are striking. Whilst many are concerned about pay not keeping up with inflation. Many other reasons have emerged as to why employees across all sectors are concerned about working arrangements. But what about students who are attending universities and are technically paying for tuition? How does this affect you?

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Avoiding Student Illness in Winter

Avoiding student illness in Winter, however, can be difficult. This is the time when illnesses such as colds and flu spread the most, with many people travelling all over the country during the holidays and returning to university, Viruses and bugs travel with them.

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Travelling Cheaper for Sheffield students

With the cost of living crisis, transport like all businesses through this financial struggle has had to put the fares up to cover increasing costs. This is not good news for students who will along with the cost of living increases have to burden these increases with other commuters. We look at ways to make travelling cheaper for Sheffield students.

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Uk Student Accommodation shortage

UK student accommodation shortage

Many University Cities are facing a sudden shortage in student accommodation, due to several factors ranging from short supply in halls of residences, changes to planning permission and the numbers of studetns being accepted

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Secure your student accommodation at Christmas

Secure your student accommodation at christmas

With 4 weeks off over the Christmas period, many students choose to go home over the festive period rather than stay in University accommodation. If you planning on leaving your accommodation empty for longer than a day or 2, it’s worthwhile considering what could happen

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