Sheffield Students Freshers Week 2021

Whilst It's that time of the year, get ready for probably one of the maddest weeks of your life! The Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam student unions provide the events, we provide the accommodation and you provide the experiences. Freshers week runs this year from the 18th of September to the 27th. Here's our guide to find out what's going on during Sheffield students freshers week 2021.

Whilst It’s that time of the year, get ready for probably one of the maddest weeks of your life! The Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam student unions provide the events, we provide the accommodation and you provide the experiences. Freshers week runs this year from the 18th of September to the 27th. Here’s our guide to find out what’s going on during Sheffield students freshers week 2021.

When Is Sheffield student freshers week 2021

Sheffield student freshers week runs from the 18th of September. This year both universities have freshers week together. Although is not just limited to the first 7 days of the term, both universities running events right through October

What’s on

Sheffield University

Sheffield University is putting on an extensive program of events for all new students. Having been voted number 1 best students’ union in the 2021 Student Crowd University Awards. Sheffield student union will guarantee an unforgettable freshers week experience.

The union has a list of many “give it a go” themed events to let you try new activities. With mainstream things like archery sailing, pilates and yoga. In contrast to more unique events like trying quidditch (without the flying!), a horror prosthetic workshop and even morris dancing!

Nighttime Events

The foundry run by the students union has a full week of club nights, album launch parties and live music. Some events are ongoing and are already scheduled through freshers week and into October.


All events run by the student union need to be booked online through where you can find the full list of events and times places to participate.

Sheffield Hallam

Also hosting a selection of events and activities designed to let students try new things. Which include activities such as pole dancing, gardening and more. Sheffield Hallam students union is also hosting a series of fairs around the city and takeovers of existing spaces with events such as:

  • Abbeydale picture house film screenings
  • Peddler warehouse takeover
  • Freebies fair
  • Hallam Square Takeover
  • Societies fair

More information and Booking:

You can find out more information from the whats on page on the Sheffield Hallam Students Union website

Other events

Student Festival

Sheffield hosts a festival for students where over 5000 attend, running on Saturday the 25th September from 2 till 10 pm. With three stages of DJ’s from some of the city’s top venues and student nights. It’s one big all-day event. The event is entry by ticket only. More information is available from has also compiled a list of the top clubs, pubs and bars they recommend to students to visit during freshers. While Sheffield is known for its full range of student nights, clubs and music venues. Many provide dedicated student nights with discount admission and drink deals whilst playing a variety of music such, cheesy pop hits, indie bands, rock or techno.

Student Nights

19/09/21 – Freshers’ Street Rave which is the opening event of Freshers’ 2021 takes place on Carver Street

20/09/21 – Sunken which is located at Tank Night Club

21/09/21 – Tribeca x Club x Party x People at The Viper Rooms

22/09/21 – Hallamnation located at the Crystal Bar

23/09/21 – Loose which is at Code nightclub

24/09/21 – Socialite which will be at Crystal Bar

25/09/21 – Scene located at Onyx

25/09/21 – Sheffield Student Festival

Staying Safe

Make sure your jabbed and get your Vaccine Passport.

In England around the end of September, The government has proposed that vaccine passports are to be introduced. Proof of vaccination can be obtained after you have received both covid-19 jabs. Under current proposals which are moving ahead, anyone wishing to attend nightclubs/bars or other indoor events will need to show a “vaccine passport” to gain admission. The timing of this has come because the government believes that a sufficient amount of 18-year-olds in the country will have had both covid jabs. If you want to take part in any of the indoor fresher’s events it is highly recommended that if you haven’t received your covid jabs, you arrange to get one. they can be booked online through the NHS at Alternatively speak to the student union who can redirect you to the Universities affiliated health services.

Safe Taxi Scheme

Sheffield Universities run a safe taxi scheme to help you get home late at night. In conjunction with city taxis, contact them and let them know you need to use the service. instead of payment, you can give them your student union card. The Student union will then pay your fare. To retrieve your card you can get it by visiting the students union a day or two later and reimburse the union for the cost of the fare. You can find out more about the safe taxi scheme. You can find out more about keeping safe using this and other schemes from the students union at

Plan what you want to do.

With such a large range of events happening in such a short space of time, planning what to do can help. Having an idea of what events etc. you would really like to attend can help to not miss out on any. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit events planned by the union and all the societies, but you may find that you are busy making new friends or reconnect with old ones. As well as sorting out other issues related to starting university.

Most importantly

Freshers week is about introducing you to your new life as a student. Make the most of the opportunity to take part in new interests, meet new people, and have fun!

About Thornsett Properties

Thornsett Properties have been providing student accommodation for freshers in Sheffield since 1985. We supply accommodation to over 650 undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University every year. Designed to fit with your budget whilst looking for student accommodation. Thornsett Properties are property owners and not agents, meaning all our properties are managed by ourselves and not reliant on third parties. Our aim is to help you succeed when looking for student accommodation in Sheffield.

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