Sheffield Universities and City Developments

As a modern 21st century City Sheffield is constantly evolving into a modern vibrant urban city whilst carefully retaining its traditional roots and green outdoor spaces. With both Universities, the City Council and many private investors pumping money into the local economy and buildings and infrastructure Here are some of the Sheffield Universities and city developments

Are you thinking of studying in Sheffield? As a modern 21st century city, Sheffield is constantly evolving into a trendy, vibrant urban city. While it still carefully retains its traditional roots and green outdoor spaces. With both Universities, the City Council and many private investors pumping money into the local economy for building and infrastructure. Here are some of the Sheffield Universities and city developments that have been completed, are underway or are planned.

Sheffield is growing, whilst the university population is expected to grow. Investment from businesses and others moving into the city is also being encouraged. Sheffield currently ranks as the greenest city in the UK with its grey to a green scheme. This is based on renewable energy green spaces and recycling facilities. Holding on to this top spot is a critical component of all the urban plans for Sheffield’s growth that have been developed.

Sheffield Universities and City Developments

Sheffield University

Social Sciences building

Located on Northumberland Road / Whitham Road. This home for the Faculty of Social Sciences aims to improve learning for students through its new collaborative teaching and social spaces and offer a wide range of disciplines under the same roof for the first time. It will also include a research hub, bringing together cross-cutting research centres to address key global challenges.

Northumberland Road building

The Northumberland Road building will be a new home for the Information School in its entirety, along with Student Experience offices and staff accommodation for the Management School.

Refurbishment works

Current refurbishment works include the western bank library and ongoing improvement to the Norton sports park facilities

You can find out more about Sheffield University’s upcoming projects here

Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University is in the progress of implementing its 20-year master plan of new buildings and expansion. Following the aim that “A world-class university needs a world-class estate”.

The campus master plan is a 20-year proposal to create a sustainable and flexible campus. This will allow Sheffield Hallam to achieve its ambition of becoming the world’s leading applied university.

It includes new buildings for the Business School and social sciences. Refurbishing the Students’ Union building known as The HUBS. Creating a University Green and improving the current estate. The master plan aims to deliver facilities and an estate that enables and encourages a new way of learning, researching and working.

Work is currently starting on Phase 2 to create a new entrance to Owen Building, creating a new campus heart for Sheffield Hallam across Howard Street.

You can find out more here

Sheffield Business Park – Innovation District

located on the former site of Sheffield airport. Sheffield business park is undergoing massive expansion by corporate academic and local government partnerships. Split into 2 sections forming

1. The Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center

Together with other landowners, the two Sheffield Universities, and Sheffield and Rotherham Councils, the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District will become a nucleus of innovation, research and technology, designed for collaboration and rapid commercialisation.

It will be a catalyst for innovation-led manufacturing across the Sheffield City Region (SCR) and Northern Powerhouse, attracting new international investors and generating an R&D revolution in the existing manufacturing base.

This will be the home to The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Campus, expanding on the universities world-leading engineering and manufacturing faculties.

World-leading engineering researchers and manufacturers such as Boeing and McClaren are opening facilities here to work in close collaboration with surrounding businesses and institutions. whilst Sheffield University is looking to open the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC)

Researchers in the Energy Institute work with industry partners to find solutions to the biggest challenges facing the energy industry. Its research is interdisciplinary with innovation and collaboration at its heart. This enables researchers in the institute to provide sustainable solutions and advice for governments and the energy industry. The Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC) will form part of the University’s newly launched Energy Institute, and become home to more than 300 academics.

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2. Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

With the aim of creating a world-class research and innovation environment to produce new products, processes and services in healthcare technologies, sports and exercise medicine. The Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), with research partners including Sheffield Hallam UniversityToshiba and Westfield Health, emulates the Advanced manufacturing Innovation centre’s successful model of university-industry collaboration.

Sheffield University is planning on opening the Gene Therapy Manufacturing Innovation Centre within this development. This new facility will pioneer new treatments for millions of patients with devastating genetic disorders.

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Sheffield City Council and Business Improvement District

New developments are great for students and universities, improving the options and facilities available to those that wish to study here in Sheffield. Growth, however, needs the related infrastructure and urban planning support to succeed. Sheffield City council has arranged a series of master plans for different areas of the city to help continue the regeneration of Sheffield from a traditional manufacturing economy to more modern technology and research-based manufacturing economy. Some schemes include

Heart of the City II

The Heart of the City II master plan is the second phase of an ongoing development that will deliver a dynamic mixed-use district as a commercial hub of the city centre. Proposals include premium retail brands, independent restaurants, Grade A offices, quality apartments, four and five-star hotels, and attractive public spaces.

Plans include creating a 6,000m green space planned for Spring 2022 in the city centre and conversion of many small and large manufacturing units into modern offices and apartment buildings.

You can find out more about current developments and long term growth plans here:

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