Sheffield Universities Open Days 2023

Sheffield Universities' open days actively help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of taking the next step toward becoming a university student

Sheffield Universities Open Days 2023 actively help you evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of taking the next step toward becoming a university student. They provide valuable insights into the quality of the courses and institutions you’re interested in.

During the undergraduate open days, you can actively explore Sheffield’s world-class universities. Take guided tours of the facilities, campus buildings, unions, and halls of residence. Attend informative talks delivered by teaching staff and current students, where you can learn more about the courses and curriculum. Additionally, the union and university provide comprehensive information on various aspects of student life, including guidance on student loans and grants. They also address current issues that are relevant and impactful for students.

When are Sheffield Universities Open Days 2023?

Open days are normally held between September and November before the application process begins. Sheffield University also hosts one day during the summer.

Dates for Sheffield University (Undergraduates)

Summer open days

  • Saturday 24 June
  • Saturday 8 July

Autumn open days

  • Saturday 9 September
  • Saturday 21 October
  • Saturday 18 November

For more information visit

Dates for Sheffield Hallam University (Undergraduates)

  • Saturday 24 June

Check the website for postgraduate and more open days as they become arranged

Maximize your Sheffield Universities Open Days 2023

Plan ahead for your Sheffield University or Sheffield Hallam University open day to navigate the overwhelming amount of information and places to explore.

Test your travel to and from home.

Use open days as an opportunity to practice your journey from home to university and back, especially if you’re coming from a distance. It helps you find the best travel options for future trips home.

Determine what you need to learn and who to ask.

Create a list of questions about course requirements, facilities, and other important details. Take notes throughout the day to track information and progress. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, and follow up with emails or calls afterward.

Check out student accommodation.

If possible, visit student halls to see if they meet your preferences. Consider private student accommodation options for your first year if halls aren’t the right fit.

Talk to current students in Sheffield.

Engage with current students to gain firsthand insights on courses, teaching quality, and student life. Their experiences and recommendations offer valuable information about Sheffield Students’ Union and the award-winning student experience at Sheffield Hallam University.

Explore Sheffield beyond the university.

Remember, the university is only part of your experience. Take time to explore Sheffield’s leisure, work opportunities, and local amenities. With its green spaces and proximity to the Peak District National Park, Sheffield offers a unique living environment.

Make the most of the people you can speak to

Make visiting talks and talking to lecturers your top priority during Sheffield University’s open day. Remember, this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your three years studying. Having a clear idea of your goals and what you want to achieve while studying can guide your decision-making process. It’s crucial to assess whether the faculties and staff can support you on your learning and career path.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the course, its modules, and assessment methods. This knowledge will provide clarity on what you can expect throughout your studies. The course itself should be the key factor in your decision-making process. Ask questions about the weekly schedule, the number of lecture hours, and the balance between practical and theoretical aspects. Gathering this information will help you make an informed choice when considering different courses.

Unsure if Studying in Sheffield is the right fit for you?

Don’t worry if the open day has come to an end; it doesn’t have to be the end of your exploration. If needed, inquire about booking another day to visit, if possible. Reach out to the department and inquire about alternative dates that can accommodate your schedule. Follow up on any questions you may have missed or that have arisen since your visit. Additionally, consider contacting the University or other local organizations for more information on specific areas of interest.

Choosing a university to study at is a significant life decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time to carefully consider all aspects. However, keep in mind that studying in Sheffield can offer rewarding experiences in higher education and contribute to your personal growth as you embark on your journey into adulthood.

Sheffield University provides an excellent open-day guide that showcases the attractions and activities available during their open days. This resource will help you effectively plan your day and make the most of your visit.

For Sheffield Hallam University, you can find a dedicated section on their website that provides contact information and options to book their open days. Take advantage of this platform to gather all the necessary details and secure your spot for an informative and engaging experience.


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