Student apartments in Sheffield

We look at why you should consider student apartments in Sheffield. When you are looking for either your first or next student accommodation in Sheffield

Halls, shared houses, and lodgings are not the only way to live whilst studying at university. An increase in demand for student apartments in purpose-built student accommodation blocks is becoming more and more the new normal. But many ask why they should look at these different types of property as opposed to shared housing with larger groups. We look at why you should consider student apartments in Sheffield. When you are looking for either your first or next student accommodation in Sheffield.

Affordable student apartments in Sheffield

With rents designed to be affordable to students, student apartments provide the same facilities as some of the purpose-built apartment blocks designed for professionals in upcoming regeneration areas like Kelham island.

Safe and Secure

Although variably dependant on the property, area and other factors. Living in an apartment block, especially not on the ground floor is statistically safer. With one door to enter the property and another to enter the apartment this restricts access from the street. As burglaries for example are opportunistic crimes. The chances of them happening can fall significantly. Apartment blocks are often built or have been refurbished in the last 20 years. Safer planning regulations and laws can mean higher safety standards are applied to them than some older properties.


Once the door to the apartment is shut, you are in your own domain. No running into others wanting to use the shared facilities like the bathroom or kitchen. Others can’t wander into your private living area without your permission. On top of this, there will be no uninvited guests hanging around.

Yet still social

Although your individual apartment is private, being in an apartment block with other students still gives you the possibility to make friends. Your neighbours will be students too; as such, you can build relationships with them, which you may not if you rent a shared house on a non-student residential road. It’s the ideal in-between option of moving from halls or shared housing into more independence.

With some apartments, sizes vary from studio to 3 bedrooms, so you can even look at the possibility of sharing with close friends. These slightly larger properties have separate bedrooms so you still have your own space, but not as hectic and potentially overcrowded as sharing in a large house with 6-8 other people.

More independence

Living on your own (and even sharing with another person) increases your independence exponentially. With all this newfound freedom of not having to necessarily plan around others, it’s worth remembering that the cost of having your own space comes with all the responsibility and commitment.

Convenience in your student apartment in Sheffield

Student apartments are generally found within the city centre. With the halls at Ranmoor and Endcliffe nearly 2 miles away, being within 5 minutes of most university buildings has its advantages. Later mornings, shorter trips home from going out. Not forgetting all the amenities the city centre has just on your doorstep.

Shopping, entertainment and more can be literally around the corner when opting for a city centre apartment in Sheffield. West street for example has bars, supermarkets, university buildings and student accommodation on one single road.

Need to travel further afield? When you are located in the city centre you have access to all major bus and tram routes and a 10-minute walk to the train station.

With less time commuting to get around, you can spend more time studying or using the time for leisure.

Student-friendly design

Student apartments in Sheffield are designed with students in mind, for either single or double occupancy. divided into separate areas to sleep, clean, eat and study. Where you may find a room in a shared house your only truly private areas are a room with a bed, storage and desk. A student apartment being completely self-contained is the key.

Our student apartments in Sheffield

Designed with students in mind, our student apartments available to rent in Sheffield are perfect for those looking for independent living within their own space. From studios to, larger one-bedroom flats and a selection of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. All our properties come with Integrated kitchens and living areas to cook, relax, and entertain. Bathrooms are separated from the living areas. Beds and storage are provided so all you need to do is move in. Students are accommodated with desk areas to study and attractive bills inclusive packages including internet access to set you up for success from the moment you walk in.

Some of our major developments of student apartments can be found here:


Croft Buildings

The Croft Buildings is a landmark development of 1 & 2-bedroom apartments in the Centre of Sheffield by Thornsett Properties Limited.

Enjoy the comfortable and modern accommodation of the Croft Buildings, whilst being within easy reach of the City Centre, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.


Gladstone Building

The Gladstone Buildings is a landmark development of studio and 1 bedroom apartments in the heart of Sheffield City Centre. Thornsett Properties own and manage all of the apartments, so you will receive excellent support service from the full-time office staff, a maintenance team and out-of-hours callout. Enjoy the comfortable, modern accommodation of the Gladstone Buildings, whilst being within easy reach of the City Centre, University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University.

Want to know more about our range of student apartments in Sheffield, or view some of our other properties get in touch and we can help you find your perfect student accommodation.

About Thornsett Properties

Thornsett Properties have been providing modern student accommodation in Sheffield since 1985. We supply accommodation to over 650 undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University every year. Designed to fit with your budget whilst looking for student accommodation. Thornsett Properties are property owners and not agents. All our properties are managed by ourselves and not reliant on third parties. We aim to help you succeed in finding student accommodation in Sheffield


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