Bills and Utilities

• UniHomes will provide its management services and act as your agent to arrange utility supplies from various utility suppliers (referred to as ‘Principal Providers’ in the terms and conditions). You understand and agree that we will contract directly with the Principal Providers on your behalf.

• Each tenant agrees to pay the weekly cost by monthly Direct Debit in advance.
• Our total liability to you is capped at the amount payable by you to us for the term of the contract.
• If utilities at your property are not currently managed by UniHomes, it could take up to 4 weeks for the change to be processed and your internet to activate.
• Internet and TV Licence usage is unlimited.
• UniHomes reserve the right to cancel or suspend its management services should your gas, electricity or water usage be deemed negligent by UniHomes.
• In the rare case when Fibre Optic Internet is not available at your property, the next best alternative will be installed.
• Should this contract be terminated early, an early termination fee will apply.
• Should one or more tenants fail to pay their share of the utility costs, leave the property address or become non-contactable for any reason resulting in non-payment, the Direct Debit for all remaining tenants will be increased to cover the unpaid share.
• Any failed/late Direct Debit collections will be subject to a £12 charge.
• UniHomes may make changes to its terms and conditions, including amending the weekly cost set out above with written notice. We do not expect your cost to change during your term, but should something happen outside of our control, we do reserve the right to amend the weekly cost in some circumstances. This is for example but not limited to, if the Government withdraws the Energy Price Guarantee, or your energy provider ceases to trade during your term.

UniHomes make managing utility bills easy, but if you have a question, you can always visit to find more information or call the team on 0330 822 0266 or email [email protected]

Some of our properties have utilities included within the rent. These could include, Gas, Electric, Water and Internet. This means you may not need to register for some utilities yourself as these may form part of your rental payment. Please check your contract for further information on which utilities are included. We do not include Council Tax at any of our properties .

We will oversee the managing of the utilities. The bills are included on a fair usage (allowance) basis. The limits will be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement, please check the appropriate schedule in your contract for allowances. You may be charged for exceeding the allowance and evidence will be provided via meter readings when necessary.

Taking on a utility management contract can remove the headache of dealing with utility companies. Each tenant pays their own share of the utility bills by Direct Debit, which means no chasing your housemates for their share of the bills.

If you are interested in setting up a utility contract, we can recommend UniHomes who will provide you with a quote dependant on the number of bedrooms. The utility package includes gas (where applicable), electricity, water, internet and a TV licence. You will also be given the option of upgrading to fibre optic internet if this is available in your area.

When you sign the tenancy agreement for one of our properties, you may be given the option of going all-inclusive with UniHomes. We’ll ask you to complete a simple order form which we will then send to UniHomes to get you and your housemates set up and ready for when your tenancy begins. This agreement is directly with unihomes and Thornsett Properties are not responsible for their contractual terms, payments or services offered.

You can choose the most competitive supplier of gas and electricity. If you would like to find out the current utility suppliers for your property, please see below:

Gas – Find your supplier:

Electricity – Find your supplier:

Water – Find your supplier:

You must buy a TV licence for the property if you have a television. Only one is required (if you are on a joint tenancy) for the property regardless of the number of televisions. More information is available at

There are various sites and packages available on the internet when finding your broadband provider, comparison websites are a good place to start. Some of our properties have the Broadband supplied by Pine Media Ltd on 0114 2991699  or email [email protected]

If you have taken out an agreement with UniHomes, you will need to send us the confirmation email from them that your account is closed and paid up to date (the end of your contract) we cannot release your deposit until we have received this.

If you have set up your own utility contracts, we will need to see evidence that each account is closed and paid, this may include Gas, Water, Electric and Council Tax.

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