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Repairs - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Maintenance Team have produced a series of instructional youtube videos to help you solve any common problems you may come across.

Unblocking Shower Waste

Isolate Gas Supply

Boiler Timer

Smoke alarm battery

Isolate water supply

Tripped Fuse Board

Hot water cylinder timer

Property Maintenance

All maintenance must be reported using our website. Any reported maintenance will go straight to our in-house maintenance team. Please make sure you provide your email / mobile number when submitting your request so that we can keep you updated with progress and access information.

Repairs are undertaken based on their merit and whether they need action immediately or within an agreed timescale. Most repairs are handled within a reasonable timescale however where parts or specialist engineers are required this can take longer, we will, however, keep you updated.

Out of hours (between 5 pm and 9 am)

Emergency calls only should be reported by telephone on 0114 266 9700 and the answerphone will give you the number to contact. This is not for reporting routine maintenance.

These can be very damaging, inconvenient and potentially dangerous. If water is leaking onto electrics, please do not touch anything electrical and call Thornsett Properties immediately. Please try to catch the water in a container and report the leak immediately, no matter how small.

First check your fuse board to see if a switch has tripped – do not touch any bare wires, sockets or switches. Power failures are out of our control and you will need to contact Northern Power Grid on 105. If your electrical fault persists then please contact Thornsett Properties.

It is expected that a repair will be responded to within the times stated below in most cases. It is however recognised that there may be circumstances where this may not be achievable, and we will advise you of anticipated completion dates for repairs where target dates cannot be met and make any necessary arrangements to address health and safety issues until the repairs are completed.

All repairs endangering the safety, health or security of the residents or the structure of the building e.g. gas leaks, major electrical faults, blocked WCs, major water leaks.

Response time: Not more than within 24 hours of notification. This should include a response to burglary damage boarding/ repair of any insecure door or window within 12 hours.

E.g. Complete breakdown of heating/hot water systems and serious lighting faults.

Response time: Within 48 hours of notification.

All other urgent repairs affecting the structure and services but not regarded to be prejudicial to the safety, health or security of the residents or the structure of the building, e.g. direct water penetration, refrigerator breakdowns and major cooker faults.

Response time: Within seven working days of notification.

All other repairs reported but which do not affect the safety, health or security of the residents or the structure of the building and are services, which do not prevent reasonable occupation of the accommodation. Examples are plasterwork and minor furniture repairs. Response time: Within three weeks of notification.

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