8 bed student house Sheffield

Like the idea of sharing a house with lots of different people? Loved living in halls and would like a similar second-year experience? Then why not look for an 8-bed student house in Sheffield. After all, University is not just about studying, it’s about the connections you make and new experiences with friends.

Loved Living in Student Halls?

The experience you get from student halls is a unique one. Your experience may have been fantastic and you got on with everyone. Alternatively, there may have been some that you just couldn’t get along with. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it have been better if you had more control over who was living with you? Although there is some opportunity to stay in the university halls in your second year, it’s harder to secure and has less availability. So why not look at house sharing? You can get a similar experience to halls but with a little more flexibility over who you share facilities with.

Rent with your friends and save

Splitting the bills is just one advantage of house sharing. Although we offer a bill included service, splitting other responsibilities such as cleaning, and extras between more of you can save not only time but money. Many things that you all use day to day can also be shared, kitchen items for example. You won’t need to all bring a four-piece dinner set with you. Also, more than 2 kettles could be overboard. It’s really down to you all to decide between you what’s the best way to manage it. 

Need some personal space

Although it’s great living with others, sometimes you will need your own space to study and relax away from everybody else. Sometimes others constantly have friends around and you need that time away from the group. That’s why all our properties come with individual bedrooms where you can spend time away from the shared areas of the house. Each bedroom comes with its own bed for chilling on, desk for studying and storage for your personal items. With your own room, you can make a haven away from the madness of sharing with 7 other people.

Ready-made support Network

Sharing with friends and/or people on the same course helps when you need support. With seven others in the house, you will never be short of someone to chat to or arrange to do things with. Having people around you may sound like a bit of a nightmare to someone who’s not overly outgoing. Having others around is good to help against isolation. It may be a bit strange at first as everyone works out their social roles in the group. Especially if this is the first time you’ve shared. Everything will fall into place over the first few weeks and you will start to form closer connections with some more than others that you live with. You may find that you form lifelong friendships with members of your household or even start treating each other like family. 

How does it work?

One tenancy is provided for the whole house, not by individual rooms. However, all members of the household are legally responsible for the conditions set out in the tenancy agreement. That means if someone breaks the tenancy everyone is liable for any outcome of not adhering to the terms and conditions. So before you move in think carefully about who you’re going to be sharing with.

8-bed student house in Sheffield

We have a wide range of properties suitable for groups of 8 people looking to house share together. Be aware though that these tend to go fast at the beginning of the letting season so get organised and be quick if you’re looking to secure one. You can find the range of houses we have below, click on the more info links to find out more about each individual house.

  • 7 Hoole Road, Broomhill, S10 5BH

    £90 pppw
    8 Bedrooms
    2 Bathrooms
    2 Receptions
    A fantastic 8 bedroom house located between Broomhill and Crookesmoor, close to local amenities and shops. Suitable location for the Management School, Social Science Buildings and Goodwin Sports Centre. The house has a spacious kitchen which is fully equipped with a washing machine, electric ove...

Too many rooms or not enough?

If 8 is not the magic number, We have a selection of 4,5,6,7 and even 9 bedroom properties that could be suitable. If someone drops out or an extra person wants to join your household, get in touch and we can help find your perfect student accommodation in Sheffield. 

About Thornsett Properties

Thornsett Properties have been providing 8-bed student houses in Sheffield since 1985. We supply accommodation to over 650 undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University every year. Designed to fit with your budget whilst looking for student accommodation. Thornsett Properties are property owners and not agents, meaning all our properties are managed by ourselves and not reliant on third parties. Our aim is to help you succeed when looking for your ideal 8-bed student house in Sheffield

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