Jobs for Students In Sheffield

If you find your budget stretched a little thin, it may be beneficial to look for extra ways of earning an income whilst studying in Sheffield. We're here to help you with some advice on looking for jobs for students in Sheffield

If you find your budget stretched a little thin, it may be beneficial to look for extra ways of earning an income whilst studying in Sheffield. We’re here to help you with some advice on looking for jobs for students in Sheffield

Why get a job whilst at university

You study full time right? Being a student is your full-time job? This may be the case but the money you get through grants/loans or bursaries might not necessarily cover your lifestyle and income requirements, especially as of late the only things that are going up is the prices of goods and services. Things may have started to get a little tighter with your budget. If you have some spare time especially in the evening and at weekends, why not look at putting it to good use and earn a little extra cash? Even just working 4 hours a week could potentially cover the weekly groceries bill.

Workplace experience

It’s not just all about the money though. Having a part-time job can add something extra. Experience, responsibility and showing future employers that you are flexible and dependable to not only study but can fit into workplace situations. Not only do you end up with a job providing income and experience but with many flexible positions around in the current gig economy, longer hours out of term may always be possible

Future employers may look at your CV after you graduate and will look at how you stand out from everyone else, one way they do this is by looking at extracurricular activities and employment history. Showing that you had employment during your studies shows a great level of maturity towards life and is a great asset towards your future career.

Jobs for Students In Sheffield

When can you work?

The first step is to work out when you can work so that it doesn’t interfere with your lectures and other commitments. Make sure this is regular and not subject to change. Employers will potentially ask you to work extra hours but if you can’t commit to agreed working times, this may be a problem down the line. Many part-time jobs can come with flexibility, but making sure you are available consistently provides some stability between you and your potential employer. It also gives you a good idea of how much income you will minimally receive to add to your budget.

Check over your CV

The good old curriculum vitae! When you’re looking for jobs for students In Sheffield, this is the master document to help you land your ideal position. If you haven’t got one there are many online resources to help you craft one. If you already have one, it’s worthwhile to double-check it and update it with relevant information to the job you’re looking for.

Some websites to look for help include:

Keep it short and sweet, don’t go on and on. Make sure you only include key points and highlights. You should look at tailoring your CV specifically towards the position or and industry your applying for. But most importantly don’t forget to sell yourself.

Where to look for jobs

Navigating the job market is a huge task, but with the right attitude, it can be done. You will find many big-name employers will advertise jobs online and you end up having to jump through multiple hoops and forms before even getting to an interview stage. However, these types of firms offer more reliable working conditions and benefits. Many advertise on job listing websites such as

Reed also offer a range of free courses that can help with skills needed to find work such as preparing for an interview, cover letter writing and many more.

For some smaller businesses, it may be that you have a better chance by just asking if they have any positions available. Either by phoning/emailing or even popping in with a copy of your CV. Some employers either hate this being put on the spot or love that it shows forwardness and initiative. It’s a gamble worth taking.

Impress your potential employer.

No matter which approach you take, you should always be looking to impress your potential employer. That means that no matter what the job is for dress smart, be polite and act professionally when dealing with them.

It may only be a temporary position for you, but show commitment

Whatever job you end up with, it may only be temporary and not even related to your ideal career after you graduate. It can show future employers that you have picked up many transferable skills, are reliable and honest. Showing commitment in a temporary job could not only lead to extra hours but promotion prospects. If in the end, you do leave this employment, showing commitment whilst there puts you in good stead to ask for a reference to use in future job applications.

Remember about work/life balance (and study time)

Don’t forget the reason while you’re at university. It’s important to manage the work/life balance. Taking on employment is part of the work side of the balance, along with studying for your career goals. These at the end of the day are more important in the long run than working for an employer. Spending all your time out at work or uni may mean you cutting down on your university experience. So make sure that everything balances out and you don’t spend more time than you can afford to work

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