Becoming a greener student in Sheffield

We can all do our bit to help with climate change. we've got some tips to help you in becoming a green student in Sheffield, whilst staying in our student accommodation.

Climate change is a hot topic for everyone at the moment. In the progress being made internationally through the recent COP26 in Glasgow. And even locally in Sheffield with the proposed clean air zone. We can all do our bit to help with climate change. we’ve got some tips to help you in becoming a greener student in Sheffield, whilst staying in our student accommodation.

Although the majority of emissions come from corporate businesses, everyone should still be conscious of their own behaviour when it comes to thinking about the environment. Those small sacrifices can add up to help make a change. Plus you can feel good knowing you’re doing your part to help combat the climate emergency.

Becoming a greener student in Sheffield

Understand what’s recyclable

When thinking about how to be greener, recycling always comes to the forefront of peoples thoughts. In Sheffield, we have a range of services to help with recycling. Curbside collections are available for the following materials:

  • Brown Bin – Glass, Cans, Tins and plastic bottles
  • Blue Bin – Paper and Cardboard
  • Black Bin – This is for non-recyclable materials (other waste)

In addition to curbside collections, there are several collection points around Sheffield for dropping off extra of these items that don’t fit in your bin.

For recyclable materials that cannot be put into the curbside collection bins, they would have to be taken to one of the several household waste centres around Sheffield that can handle other items such as

Paper, Glass, Textiles & Clothing, Plastics, Steel Cans, Aluminium & Foil, Furniture, Motor Oil, Green Waste, Books, Card, Rubble, Shoes, Car Batteries, Scrap Metal, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Wood, Household Batteries, Fluorescent tubes/lamps,

Supermarkets will take plastic bags and sometimes have batteries collection points.

For more information about what can and cannot be recycled in Sheffield, visit the Sheffield City Council bins and recycling page

Watch your usage.

Think about your energy usage, Although there are some circumstances where you may need to leave lights and appliances on or on standby. The environmental impact of this is bigger than you thought. shows that 6.5 million people leave lights on during the day. Totalled up this equates to over 37 million kg of carbon dioxide a day in electricity produced. Equivalent to 62 flights around the world.

As your parents may have always told you it’s like Blackpool illuminations in here!

Leaving the heating on is also a big producer of our carbon footprints. Turning the thermostat down by one degree, putting it on a timer, shutting the windows and putting a jumper on when cold can help reduce your carbon footprint by 340kg. If you didn’t opt for an all-inclusive bills plan with us it will even save you money!.

Check for leaks

Every single day more than three billion (that’s three thousand million) litres of perfectly good drinking water is wasted in the UK. That’s enough water to make 15 billion cups of tea. If you spot a leak then get in touch with our maintenance team immediately. Not reporting leaks can not only waste useable water but lead to serious damage later on if left to continue.

Shop responsibly

From clothes to other goods, buying used helps with preventing things from going to landfills. One major advantage of buying used is it greatly cuts down on the carbon footprint of goods by reducing the transport millage that new products would generate. Often making savings in the process. can cut down on transport milage of products. Even better if you can buy from ethical and local small businesses as your helping to boost the local economy!

Consider how and where your food is sourced.

Buying from supermarkets has become popular through the convenience it offers. but many of its products are shipped in from abroad where goods are out of season. This produces a massive carbon footprint. On top of this supermarkets tend to use plastic packaging, which although is usually recyclable, produces a lot of carbon emissions during production. Supermarkets are striving to become greener.

As an alternative, sourcing locally-produced foods from smaller businesses can be better for the environment. Sometimes cheaper, have less packaging and even taste better. Places like the Moor Market have a wide range of fresh and locally produced foods.

Love your leftovers

Your food budget will be probably one of the biggest expenses out of your disposable income during the academic year. Nationally we waste around 6.7 million tonnes of food per year. For an average household, this can cost around £250 to £400 per year in food going straight into the bin. Get creative with the many recipes available online for leftover meals.

Public transport

From late 2022, some drivers will have to pay to enter parts of Sheffield after the council agreed to introduce a Clean Air Zone.

Buses, vans, taxis and HGVs will be most affected, with private cars being exempt.

Source: BBC NEWS

Sheffield has a fantastic public transport system SuperTram, eco-friendly busses and some taxi firms are moving to electric vehicles in preparation for the clean air zone. It makes sense that if you drive, using the fantastic local transport links can help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Join your SU climate change action

If you’re looking to go further in helping promote change for the environment. Joining your student union climate action group could be for you. Not only can they help you practice what they preach with environmentally friendly practices. They participate in national and international events to help raise climate change awareness.

About Thornsett Properties

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