Sheffield’s Green Spaces

Skating, BMX, running, climbing or just hanging out with your friends on a summer day between lectures at university. Sheffield's green spaces offer something for everyone to use.

Cities do not always have to be big concrete commercial centres surrounded by sprawling suburbs. To prove this, Sheffield has developed from its industrial heritage past to become one of the greenest cities in Europe. George Orwell once wrote that Sheffield is the ugliest town in the Old World. Post-war regeneration and prudent town planning would easily change his mind. If he were to visit again to see its rich heritage and Sheffield’s green spaces

More than any other city in Europe

Sheffield has the largest number of trees of any city in Europe. And over 250 publicly accessible parks, gardens and woodlands. Over a 3rd of the Sheffield city region is located within the Peak District National Park. But green areas flourish throughout the city centre and suburbs to break up the roads, industrial estates, modern and old buildings. Sheffield’s green spaces really reflect upon the street scenes and remove the idea of cities being urban jungles by incorporating wildlife.

Sheffield city council embraces this by pushing its open space strategy to ensure that preserving this is not infringed upon by its current ambitions of urban growth.

A great place to relax and enjoy.

Sheffield green spaces are popular with students, and often utilised for a variety of outdoor events. Not just activities such as picnics and informal games. Events such as the tramlines music festivals, outdoor sports facilities, and events such as the cliffhanger festival make many of the park’s summer calendars extensive.

Many of the parks have a wide range of uses and facilities and are not just open fields located in the city.

Skating, BMX, running, climbing or just hanging out with your friends on a summer day between lectures at university. Sheffield’s green spaces offer something for everyone to use.

Some of the most popular green spaces in Sheffield

1. Botanical Gardens

Opened in 1865 the botanical gardens are a perfect example of Victorian open spaces, with greenhouses, fountains and garden statues/ ornaments. Perfect for outdoor uses covering 19 acres. The gardens are listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site of special historic and architectural interest.

2. Weston Park

Studying at Sheffield University you will find Weston park next to Frith Court. Along with Crookes Valley Park and the Ponderosa, it is one of the three Crookesmoor parks. Elegant park gates, a traditional bandstand and statues form the home of the Weston park museum. Dedicated to history in the Sheffield area from prehistoric to modern times. And regularly features exhibits from partnering museums such as the VA and British museums in London. The museum is home to one of the longest-serving weather stations in the country, providing data on Sheffield’s weather since 1882.

3. Endcliffe park

Opened in 1887 to commemorate the jubilee of Queen Victoria, the park contains three memorials to her. This grade II listed park is also home to the locally famous “Mi Amigo” memorial commemorating the US airmen killed in a crash during the second world war.

Endcliffe park is home to many events throughout the year and with 2 lakes supplied by the brook that runs through the park, it makes it the perfect destination to explore.

4. Rivelin valley

In use since Roman times, The Rivelin Valley is a 3 and a 12-mile-long woodland valley which includes the popular Rivelin Valley Nature Trail that was created in 1967. The valley has farmland on its gentler upper slopes, the trail leading out the village of Loxley and beyond into the peak district, is a fantastic woodland environment walk.

5. Graves Park

Located in a thousand-year-old woodland, graves park is out of the city centre but worth a visit for the facilities on offer.

The park is a mixture of open and woodland areas, with several streams flowing through it. There are three small lakes bordered by mature trees.

The animal farm based here is home to many breeds of cattle, pigs, chickens and donkeys.

A practice golf course, two bowling greens and several hard tennis courts along with a large open area with 2 cricket pitches and around 10 football pitches. Make this a park showcasing Sheffield’s local sports history whilst providing something for everyone.

6. Millhouses

Located to the south of the city in Millhouses bordering next to the historic Beauchief Abbey,  Millhouses park was not established until the early 20th century, with more modern features than some of the other Victorian-type parks such as a boating lake, paddling pools, a cricket pitch, bowling greens, and tennis courts, Summer weekends could see over 50000 visors during the 1960’s use the facilities here. Millhouses is often used as part of the Cliffhanger festival Sheffield’s inner-city festival dedicated to celebrating the great outdoors, with a host of adventure activities spread across the city centre

7. Peace Gardens and Winter Gardens

The peace gardens are an urban concrete layout of water fountains located next to Sheffield gothic town hall, this public space (although not very green) was founded in 1938 after agreements which were unsuccessful in keeping peace in Europe before the second world war. Every year it hosts Sheffield by the seaside, aiming to bring an authentic British holiday feel to the inner city.

One of the largest temperate glasshouses to be built in the UK during the last hundred years, the winter gardens has created a stunning green world Next to the Peace Gardens and with access to the  Millennium Galleries, the Winter Garden provides visitors with more than 2,500 plants from around the world creating a superb display. The gardens also have a selection of retail units and a cafe.

8. Bolehills

The park stands at points of heights of around 200 metres giving breathtaking views over the Riveilin valley and the city. The park is home to The Sheffield Dirt Society and Bolehills BMX track. One of over 20 tracks in the city. Bolehills is one of the few to have survived and been maintained. Since 2003 BMX has grown to become a full Olympic sport.

Sheffield’s green spaces – the greenest city in Europe.

The Historic Manor lodge, Norfolk Heritage Park and further afield the Rother Valley country park to the east and the Peak District national park to the west of the city provide examples of other parks in the region with far too many open and green spaces to fully list. Sheffield green spaces provide students and residents alike with some of the best public spaces in Europe.

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