Sheffield freshers week 2022

If you are new to Sheffield University get ready for a completely mad week! If your return you'll remember how insane freshers week is. Either way, follow our top tips for Sheffield freshers week 2022

If you are new to Sheffield University get ready for a completely mad week! If your returning you’ll remember how insane freshers week is. Either way, follow our top tips for Sheffield freshers week 2022 to help manage this busy week and get the most out of your start or return to university life.

In 2022 Sheffield freshers week runs from 17 -26th of September for Sheffield University and the 19th-26th for Sheffield Hallam university. Events are running all over the city during this week, and with so much choice of things to do and prepare, it’s easy to forget about the day to day things that you will need to be aware of. We’re here to help with some tips so you can make the most of this amazing experience.

You can find out about the events run below

Sheffield University Freshers

Sheffield Hallam University Freshers

Make new friends or reconnect

New to university? Don’t forget you are all in the same boat, reach out and make new friends and you’ll enjoy sharing the experience with others. Roommates or other people from your course may not develop into lifelong friendships but as you settle in and find your way it will help you on your journey. If your returning for your second or third year you know who you want to see again. You may be busy but that’s not an excuse to arrange something with them.

Budget budget budget!

Make sure you stick to it! coming round to the end of your first semester, realising that there is nothing left because you blew it all in freshers week leads to worrying times. It’s easy with so much going on to blow loads of cash going out for food, drinks and activities.

Budgeting for Sheffield Student Accommodation Tips

Explore Sheffield

You can only judge whether you’ll enjoy something by trying it yourself. Get used to finding your way around the city and trying some of the local facilities

Join a society

One of the best ways to fulfil your hobbies and make friends with similar interests is to join one of the 380+ societies at Sheffield University or 100+ at Sheffield Hallam university.

Settle into your accommodation.

It’s easy just to dump the boxes and bags in your new accommodation and head out for the week. Only to return to sleep and change. But remember your going to be here for a full academic year so it’s best to unpack otherwise you could end up living literally out of a cardboard box. Spending time with your housemates can also help to get along if you are new to living with them.

Moving into Student Accommodation In Sheffield

Don’t forget to eat sensibly

It’s easy to eat on the go when at freshers or out and about with others, but plan some meals to have in like breakfast, lunches, drinks and some evening meals. Make sure you have some healthy options in as takeaway food for 7 days straight isn’t exactly healthy! (or cheap!)

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Keep safe

Moving to your own place can give you a great sense of freedom and at the same time be daunting. Always let someone know where you are and keep in contact with friends. Planning lots of late nights out? In a strange city that means you need to be sensible and keep safe. Use our guide on staying safe during a night out and look for advice from your student’s union.

Staying safe on a student nights out in Sheffield

Look after your health!

Thousands of people from all over the country (and further afield) are going to descend on Sheffield in one week. That means one thing, Freshers Flu! Make sure to take care of yourself by eating healthy getting and getting plenty of sleep.

Make registering with the universities health service to get access to treatments if you need them a priority. Leaving this until you need it could be awkward.

Don’t forget about your mental health either. Moving away from home and support networks can be exciting and scary. But setting up strategies to look after yourself can help give you the best start to your university year

Look after your Mental Health living in your Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Homesickness can really grind you down. Keeping active and making new friends in freshers can help to build the support networks you need to help you succeed when life calms down and University starts in earnest over the coming weeks.

Dealing with homesickness for new Sheffield students.

Enjoy Sheffield freshers week 2022

Let’s not beat about the bush, freshers week is both hectic and amazing for all involved. Make sure you keep in mind what you need to do as you settle in to your new accommodation, make new connections and start the university year having the most amazing time.

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