Student Studio Flats in Sheffield

Student studio flats in Sheffield can be thought of as an open-plan apartment. With generous kitchen facilities, separate bathrooms, and larger combined living/sleeping areas.

Student Studio flats in Sheffield are the modern evolution of the traditional bedsit, starting out as a room with a sink and a toilet. Modern standards have now raised the quality of this type of accommodation available. In fact, student studios share more in common with open plan apartments than the traditional bedsits of old. With generous kitchen facilities, separate bathrooms and larger combined living/sleeping areas. They can provide excellent value for money living in a self-contained environment.

What is a studio flat?

The definition of a studio flat is one room containing separate areas for a bed, living area, and kitchen. More commonly a separated area contains a shower, sink, and toilet. A studio flat is not necessarily distinguished by the size of the floor space. However, in general, it is slightly smaller than a one bedroom flat.

Why should you consider a Student Studio Flat in Sheffield?

Studio flats being more self-contained offer a more affordable option with many available in stunning city-centre buildings. Being in the heart of the city means everything is on your doorstep. From easy access to both university’s buildings, major transport links around the city and not forgetting access to shops, bars, and other entertainment facilities. Everything you could need is nearby.

Pros of living in Student studio flats in Sheffield.


Studio flats are generally located in city centres where space is at a premium. One advantage of this means excellent local amenities are always on your doorstep

Period properties

Many studio flats are located inside period properties as opposed to newer developments or purpose-built blocks. When property companies are refurbishing older properties they have to be considerate about the space that is available to them. Studio flats offer better use of the existing layouts rather than tearing up the insides of properties.


A self-contained studio flat is only designed for one person living. A studio flat is an excellent option for those not looking to share with others. Once the door is closed, you are responsible for everything without having to agree with other housemates.

The smaller area will suit minimalists

As said studio flats are generally smaller, you will find that space for storage is at a premium. If you are a bit of a minimalist this is fine, if not you may have to think about some creative storage solutions so you don’t get inundated with your things everywhere.

Good for an active lifestyle

A studio flat could be perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It can provide a place to sleep, eat and study. But doesn’t have to fulfil anything extra than these duties. Perfect for those who are outgoing and would rather be out and about rather than spending lots of time indoors.

Lower living costs

Living in a city can be expensive, but studio flats offer a value for money way to achieve this. As studios are generally smaller and cheaper even those which do not include the cost of bills in the rent should still be more easily affordable as your not paying to heat and light extra rooms.

Less area to clean

Especially compared to a house share, where you may end up cleaning up after others. Smaller space means less mess, If you keep on top of it and are quite organized you could probably even reduce the time it takes to clean even more.

Cons of living in student studio flats

Smaller means less room

As stated studio flats are not necessarily smaller than other flats, but it’s better to check as they generally can be smaller. You may have to seriously consider what you are planning to take with you and where it’s going to go. Smarter storage solutions may be needed especially in studio kitchen and bathroom areas. Check out these great space saving ideas and tips from Hello Magazine

With a kitchen in the bedroom, cooking smells linger

Being reduced to one room means your cooking in your kitchen, bedroom, and living room. You may need to make sure you turn the extractor on, open some windows and buy an air freshener. Otherwise, you could end up sleeping in some strong odours for a few days.

Messy room = messy home

One downside of living in a studio flat is that just having one messy room means your whole home is messy. Although you may have less to clean in total. When it does come round to tidying up, you may find yourself cleaning and tidying everywhere.

Not always suitable for socialising in

You may find that you don’t want people to come round as often when living in a studio flat. They don’t always provide room for more than a couple of people. You may also find that when inviting people round there not only seeing your living space but your bedroom as well.

In conclusion, letting a student studio flat can be excellent value for money, in terms of facilities and location, especially for those who are only really looking for somewhere to sleep, eat and study and plan on spending most of their free time out. View our portfolio of student studio flats

About Thornsett Properties

Thornsett Properties have been providing student studio flats in Sheffield since 1985. We supply accommodation to over 650 undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University every year. Designed to fit with your budget whilst looking for student accommodation. Thornsett Properties are property owners and not agents, meaning all our properties are managed by ourselves and not reliant on third parties. Our aim is to help you succeed whilst living and studying in student studio flats in Sheffield.


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