Why Choose Bills included Student Accommodation

More and more students are choosing "bills included" student accommodation. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons why choosing bills included accommodation is a smart choice for students.

Are you a student looking for accommodation during your university years? It can be challenging to manage expenses on a tight budget. Especially when the cost of bills, including electricity, gas, and water, can be a significant expense. Luckily, more and more students are choosing “bills included” student accommodation. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why choosing bills included accommodation is a smart choice for students.

Bills included are the most popular option

First of all, choosing accommodation that includes bills is becoming more popular. A new analysis from the UK’s biggest property website Rightmove reveals that the number of people looking for ‘bills included’ has jumped up to the top position for renters using Keyword Sort, a Rightmove tool where people can prioritize their property search results by choosing specific terms. This is an important shift because paying for utilities can be a significant burden on a student’s budget.

A recent national survey carried out by Accommodation for Students found that a significant 70% of respondents consider it important for their rental agreement to include bills. Furthermore, student advice websites such as Save the Student are advocating for new tenants to negotiate bill payments as part of their rent.

Benefits for tenants of having bills included in rent:

  1. Simplifies the rental process.
  2. Increases ease of use.
  3. Helps with budgeting.

Setting up utility contracts can be a complicated and frustrating experience, particularly for those who have never done it before. Dividing up the bills among housemates can also create tension and conflict.

By including bills in the rent, landlords offer their student tenants a more convenient and stress-free way of managing their finances. This helps to alleviate the burden of having to worry about utility payments and allows tenants to focus on other important things.

According to research by Natwest, almost a third of students do not actively budget, and half of them find managing their finances to be stressful while living away from home. Bills included in the rent package can aid in budgeting and reduce the stress of managing money.

Closer to the university

Living facilities close to universities tend to be more expensive, but paying a little more for rent may be worthwhile to avoid spending a lot of time commuting, in addition to transportation costs. Choosing accommodation that includes utilities like electricity, gas, and water, is a wise choice, as you won’t have to pay extra bills in addition to rent. Purpose-built student accommodations typically offer a package of utilities, so you can be sure that you’re not getting any hidden surprises.

Maintenance is included in all agreements

When you live in private accommodation, you may have to deal with maintenance costs and repairs, which can be a hassle. In contrast, buildings that offer student accommodation typically do their repairs and maintenance, making it much easier to get things fixed when needed. You also won’t have to deal with a third-party letting agency in the middle, while you’re living in purpose-built student accommodation.

Get Connected

As a student, you need reliable and fast internet for completing your assignments and doing research. Accommodation that is wired with high-speed internet is essential, and most purpose-built student accommodations offer this service.

Why choose Bills included student accommodation?

Choosing all-inclusive student accommodation can take away the stress associated with renting an apartment. Paying for utilities month to month may not be feasible for you, especially during the winter months when you will use a lot of energy to stay warm. All-inclusive student accommodations eliminate this constant worrying about whether your budget will take you through the month. The monthly quota for utilities is usually generous enough so that you do not have to worry that spending an extra five minutes in the shower shall push you over the allowance. Having electricity, gas, broadband, and water bills included in your rent package allows you to set money aside for essentials like textbooks, printouts, food, and nights out.

Check for quotas

Finally, it’s essential to be responsible while using utilities. Don’t over-extend your quota, and only use what you need when cooking, heating, and showering to avoid being reckless. Most all-inclusive student accommodations have a fair usage policy, so you can level out your usage over the next months if you go over your quota.

Staying within your quota gives you an easily manageable payment schedule for the duration of your tenancy, and no worries about being cut off or having your meters switched over to pre-payment. Providing your sensible with the usage the lights will always be on.

Do you need to pay any other bills?

Unfortunately yes, If any of the people living in the property are not a student then council tax liability come into effect, also if you own a TV then you may also have to purchase a tv licence.

You can read more here

Likewise with any subscription services such as Netflix etc. Bills included only refer to electricity, gas, water and internet access.

One point of contact

Some student properties have the landlords provide the utilities direct and include them in the price of renting, other properties might use a 3rd party provider such as Unihomes.

Either way, having bills included accommodation agreement means that any issues are dealt with by a single point of contact. You don’t have to chase around on hold for hours on end, waiting for different energy providers. This single point of contact will cover any problems or issues you may have regarding your utilities.

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