Sheffield the best place to live for a young professional

Whether your just starting a career as a young professional or have already made part of the journey, relocating to Sheffield is a life event that will open doors for your career as opportunities are growing exponentially in the north of the UK

Whether you are just starting a career as a young professional or have already made part of the journey, relocating to Sheffield is a life event that will open doors for your career as opportunities are growing exponentially in the north of the UK

Sheffield is a vibrant and up-and-coming city in the North that’s become increasingly popular with young professionals. It’s globally recognized as “The Steel City” because of its role in the industrial revolution in the early 1900s and boasts a population of over 1.5 million people in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Region. Recently, the city has undergone a major renovation resulting in a stunning blend of modern and historic buildings set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Peaks. Sheffield is renowned for its friendly, independent, and alternative culture, as well as it’s thriving arts and music scenes. Additionally, the city is conveniently located and offers a multitude of opportunities.

Here are 6 reasons why Sheffield is the best place to live for young professionals

Growing Industries

Sheffield has experienced significant employment growth in recent years, primarily due to the expansion of the engineering sector and the fast-growing digital and technology industries. The city is well-connected and situated in the midst of multiple investment and regeneration programs, which explains why it’s rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after destinations in the UK for new businesses looking to expand on the workforce of young professionals.

As a vital part of The Northern Powerhouse initiative, Sheffield is at the heart of an ambitious program aimed at enhancing the productivity, investment, connections, and overall economy of the North. This has led to the establishment of several world-renowned engineering and manufacturing businesses, including McLaren, Boeing, and Sheffield Forgemasters.

According to a report by the University of Sheffield, the digital companies within Sheffield have exhibited one of the highest growth rates of any region in the UK, with an annual turnover increase of nearly 50%. The top 25 tech companies in the Sheffield City Region alone employ over 12,000 people and generate more than £2 billion in revenue annually. The digital industry is predicted to expand rapidly in the city over the next few years, with plans for a new large-scale tech hub to take over the old Co-op. The Kollider will also include a food hall and space for 1,100 people to work.

These flourishing industries are poised for significant growth, positioning Sheffield as a hub for creativity, innovation, and technology.

Sheffield Universities and City Developments

Career Benefits for young professionals

The thriving industries in Sheffield have created numerous advantages and possibilities for young professionals in the region. According to the Resolution Foundation, Sheffield’s job count has risen by 42.5% over the past year, and it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK. In a recent “Best Places in the UK to Make a Living” survey conducted by Totally Money (featured in the Independent), Sheffield outperformed London and Manchester. The survey factors in salary and living expenses, job growth, and unemployment from all of the cities in the UK.

Sheffield has a growing number of networking and business events, offering a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and converse with CEOs and directors in the area. These gatherings are ideal for building your professional reputation and getting your name recognized.


Sheffield has a rich music culture with several well-known bands and musicians hailing from there. The city has produced many synthpop and electronic bands such as the Human League, Heaven 17, and Cabaret Voltaire. Additionally, Sheffield has a thriving indie-pop scene and is home to successful bands like Arctic Monkeys, Bring Me the Horizon, and 65daysofstatic. The city also has a small urban music scene consisting of R’n’B, UK Hiphop/boom-bap, Grime, Bassline and Speed Garage. Sheffield is home to many music venues, including Sheffield Arena, the City Hall, O2 Academy, and The Leadmill.

Sheffield has a variety of cultural attractions including the largest theatre complex outside London, several art galleries, and numerous museums. The city also boasts several festivals throughout the year, including a comedy festival, an open studio event, a documentary festival, and a music festival. Sheffield has been featured in several films and is home to independent filmmakers and production studios. Other attractions in the city include gardens, a city farm, and a canalside leisure and office quarter.

Sheffield’s World Renowned Venues


Are you looking to party all night or searching for a few places to grab some cocktails? Look no further than Sheffield’s lively nightlife scene, which is bustling all year round. Ideal for young professionals who work hard and play hard.

The city centre is the epicentre of nightlife activities, and its compactness is perfect for a night out, especially if you want to explore a variety of bars all in one area.

West Street, Carver Street, and Division Street connect to provide the primary strip of bars and pubs, each with its own unique character.

If you venture away from the main streets, Leopold Square offers a collection of lively restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy live outdoor music and salsa dancing every weekend during the summer.

Cost of living – a concern for young professionals

This a big issue for everyone currently, but working as young professionals, many are on the lower end of their industry pay scale. Living outside of London can show a vast difference in costs. According to with the average cost of rental is roughly a quarter of that of living in London. Travel costs equally are a 3rd of the average spend within the Greater London area and shorter travel distances to boot.

If you do need to travel to other major cities in the UK, London for example is just over 2 hours direct on the train and Manchester 1 hour.

Sheffield’s Future Plans

Sheffield is looking to capitalize on its strengths and build on its innovation and enterprise in order to grow its engineering and manufacturing sector. The city plans to achieve this by maximizing the local impact of investments and improving education from the 2 universities to address the skills gap. A full redevelopment plan for most of the city centre, including a £65m Chinatown development, a new leisure area with hotels, shops, and food halls, and ongoing work at Kelham Island, was released last year. Sheffield’s future is promising and the city is set to become a vibrant and dynamic place to be

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